Accountability and Resource Compliance

The only way to efficiently and successfully manage state reporting.


Accountability and Compliance Resources LLC exists simply to support the rights of students and parents to exercise educational choice. In its sixth year of operations, ACR supports charter schools and school districts throughout New Mexico in meeting all federal, state, and local reporting requirements. In doing so we assist our clients in maintaining compliance with a wide range of issues related to operating a publically funded educational facility. Our work helps to keep schools and districts maximally funded and operating in a publically accountable way. The business is made up of a six person leadership team including CEO and Senior Analyst Karen Baker-Jepsen, Senior Analyst Shari Herrington, Analyst Essence Johnson, Analyst Shanley Guerrero, Junior Analyst Erika Rideout and Business Manager Carolyn Rideout. Our ACR team members number just under 50 and are scattered all over the Land of Enchantment.


Your data is submitted accurately and in a timely manner which will maximize your school funding. You will meet state accountability reporting requirements with minimal outside assistance. School staff will have an increased understanding of the data required by PED and how this data is used. 


  • ACR offers a comprehensive service package which provides all the STARS Coordinator functions.
  • ACR works with over 70 State and Local Charter Schools and 10 school districts in New Mexico including both District and PEC authorized sites.
  • ACR requires no minimum number of hours and clients only pay for hours they use